Chromatin, cancer and the ubiquitin system

Genome Dynamics and Function
Centro de Biología Molecular “Severo Ochoa” CSIC-UAM (CBMSO)

Fas Associated Factor 1 (FAF1) is a protein involved in the regulation of apoptosis playing an essential role in development. In addition, it acts as an adaptor of the AAA+ ATPase VCP/p97 through the binding of ubiquitylated and SUMOylated proteins during S phase. We have described that FAF1 mediates the actions of VCP/p97 to maintain the ubiquitin/SUMO landscape in chromatin and to sustain DNA replication. Recently, FAF1 has been identified as a tumor suppressor in colon cancer. The deletion of FAF1 in a cellular model leads to reduced apoptosis but the consequences on DNA replication remain unexplored. In this project we will study the consequences of the loss of FAF1 in a colon cancer cellular model. The student will analyze the dynamics of S phase progression and DNA replication in the absence of FAF1, the sensitivity to the generation of replication stress and to the inhibition of VCP/p97 in this model.

We offer a position to carry out the TFM on this topic. Selected publications:

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Molecular Biomedicine
Emilio Lecona Sagrado