The Postgraduate Programme in Molecular Biosciencies

The Postgraduate Programme in Molecular Biosciencies of the UAM is the result of a collaboration between various departments at the UAM and the most prestigious centres in the area of Biosciences in the region of Madrid. Since 2004, many members of the teaching and research staff in these centers have been considering the idea of offering a series of high quality Masters in which the teaching is backed up by scientists specializing in each of the areas covered by the course. Furthermore, it is intended that these educational programs respond to the demands made by society and industry.


Specifically, this Programme is developed jointly by the Department of Biochemistry (Faculty of Medicine) and the Department of Molecular Biology (Faculty of Sciences) at the UAM, with the colaboration from personnel from other departments and institutions (see below), and it is derived from two previous doctorate Programmes ("PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" and "PhD in Molecular Biology") that received a special mention for quality from the Ministry for Education and Science. 


This Programme comprises 3 official Masters (Master in Biomolecules and Cell Dynamics -former Master in Molecular and Cell Biology-, Master in Molecular Biomedicine, and Master in Biotechnology) and one Doctorate (PhD in Molecular Biosciences). The three Masters share some of the compulsory and optional credits, and they give access to the Doctorate from the same Programme.

The members of the Executive Committee of the Molecular Biosciences Programme are:

  • Main Coordinator: Mauricio García Mateu (CBMSO-eng- CBMSO-esp-)
  • Vice-Coordinator: Ana I Rojo Sanchís
  • MSc in Biomolecules and Cell Dynamics, Vice-Coordinators: Marina Lasa and Félix Hernández
  • MSc in Biotechnology, Vice-Coordinators: Mario Mencía and Alejandro Samhan (CBMSO Glycoenz-Food INMARE)
  • MSc in Molecular Biomedicine, Vice-Coordinators: María Belén Pérez González (CBMSO) and Isabel Lastres Becker
  • PhD in Molecular Biosciences, Vice-Coordinators: Francisco Zafra and Isabel Sánchez Pérez
  • Department in Molecular Biology, Head: Jose Manuel Cuezva Marcos (CBMSO)
  • Department in Molecular Biology, Academic Secretary: Catalina Ribas Nuñez (CBMSO)
  • Department in Biochemistry, Head: José Manuel González Sancho
  • Manager of the Programme: Beatriz Arroyo 

The Monitoring Comission of each Master is formed by both Coordinators of the Master, the Manager of the Programme, and one student (Class representative or Assistant class representative). The monitoring reports can be accesed through the UAM's webpages for each Master.


Logo de la Fundación Ramón Areces

The Programme is sponsored by the Fundación Ramón Areces (, which helps to provide quality education to national and international students thanks to their scholarships program and other funding projects.


The UAM Departments that collaborate with the Programme are:

The institutions that colaborate with the Programme are: