F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Questions)

1) F.A.Q. Before applying:

  • Is it possible to take some/all courses online?: No. All courses are in-class and the attendance is compulsory.
  • What is the "employment ratio" (among others) of the postgraduate students of the Programme: all the indicators available are posted at the "Observatorio de Empleo de la UAM" website.
  • Do I have to pay some "reservation/application fee" just for applying?: you just have to pay a small fee (27€ approx.) that will be deducted from your enrolment fee if you're finally admitted.
  • Is it possible to take only a few courses of my interest instead of getting enrolled in the full Master?: in general, no. It's only possible if those courses take part in the "Aula Abierta" programme. More information about this programme in the link "Aula Abierta UAM". This rule doesn't apply for the exchange students from the "Erasmus+" programme: they'll have to request the courses via the International Relations Offices of the Faculties of Sciences and/or Medicine.
  • Due to personal reasons (work incompatibility etc.) I can't take the Master in one academic year and I prefer to split it in two years. Is that possible?: the only way to achieve that is by getting enrolled as a part-time student ("tiempo parcial"). According to the UAM rules, the minimun ECTS credits per enrollment per academic year is 24 ECTS for part-time students (being 36 ECTS for full-time students). In that case you must take into account that it's compulsory to get enrolled in at least all the compulsory courses during the first year (except for the Master Final Dissertation -TFM- course), and carry out the 30 ECTS credits from the TFM during the last academic year.

2) F.A.Q. During the application process:

  • My home university doesn't appears in the drop-down menu during the online application process in SIGMA: in that case, please send an e-mail to posgrado.oficial@uam.es attaching a diploma/certificate with the official name of your university on it, and it will be added to the drop-down menu in a few days.

3) F.A.Q. During the academic year:

  • Ya estoy matriculado en los 60 créditos ECTS del Máster, ¿puedo matricularme de más créditos?: excepcionalmente, se podrá solicitar la matrícula de hasta 6 ECTS en asignaturas optativas de bloques o itinerarios distintos al Máster matriculado, siempre y cuando se cumplan con los requisitos académicos de las asignaturas específicas y se cuente con la autorización expresa de los coordinadores de ambos másteres y no exista solapamiento de horarios en el conjunto de las asignaturas seleccionadas. La admisión en estas asignaturas quedará condicionada en cualquier caso a que exista disponibilidad de plazas.
  • Who is my academic tutor: during September/October an e-mail containing the full name of your academic tutor will be send to you. He/she is one of the two Coordinators of your Master, but you must alway address first to the one assigned to you in case of academics questions, doubts, problems etc.


4) F.A.Q. After finishing the Master:

  • Ya he terminado el Máster, ¿cómo puedo solicitar el título? ¿puede recogerlo otra persona en mi nombre? ¿me lo podeis enviar por correo postal?: Toda la información pertinente está publicada en la web de la UAM en el siguiente enlace: enlace. Recuerda que generalmente todos esos trámites debes tratarlos con la Secretaría de Posgrado de tu Facultad.


This F.A.Q. is always under construction...