TFM Research Offer at the Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Center (CNIC) in Madrid


José Luis de la Pompa is looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated candidates interested in developing a master project in his laboratory. The student will work in a project focused on the Molecular mechanisms of ventricular chamber development and disease (ref. PID2019-104776RB-I00). The candidate is expected to apply for funding, including the 2021 CNIC Master Call.



As for candidates (Masters in Molecular Biomedicine; Biomolecules and Cell Dynamics; Biotechnology):


-Enthusiastic and highly-motivated student (essential).


-University marks above 8,5/10 (scale 10). Applications with a grade lower than 8,5 will not be accepted.


-Interest in cardiac developmental genetics and congenital heart disease.


-Good knowledge of English.



Interested candidates should send a cover letter, CV to:







Research line: Cellular dynamics in ventricular wall development and cardiomyopathy

Research Group: Intercellular Signalling in Cardiovascular Development & Disease 

Supervisor: José Luis de la Pompa/Joaquim Grego-Bessa

Summary: Zebrafish, mouse and human genetics and imaging data indicate that alteration of cytoskeletal actin dynamics impairs trabeculation and compaction during ventricular development and cause cardiomyopathy. The highly motivated TFM student will work with mouse embryos, and carry out clonal, confocal microscopy and ISH analysis.

More information: