Internship offer for Master Biotechnology Students


Norwegian University of Science and Technology                               PhotoSynLab



Offer for Internship/Master thesis

Position: Internship/Master thesis

Subject: Genetic engineering, molecular biology, synthetic biology Start date: February/March 2020

Application deadline: 30th of January 2020 (the sooner the better) Duration: 5 to 9 months (flexible)

Location: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim, Norway) Laboratory: PhotoSynLab (




Project description:

The project aims to develop orthogonal systems (amino acyl tRNA synthetase (aaRS) - tRNA) for non- canonical amino acid incorporation in algae. The selected candidate will use genetic engineering techniques coupled with fluorescence screening to establish a system allowing to go beyond the 20 canonical amino acids. This involves protein engineering of the aaRS, screening for new substrate and development of orthogonality.



Profile of the applicant:

Master student in biotechnology, molecular biology, synthetic biology or related fields;

Good knowledge and experience with DNA cloning techniques and gene assembly;

Knowledge of spectroscopy analysis and molecular separation techniques

Strong organizational skills;

Good writing skills;

Fluent in English.

Insights into high level orthogonal systems and protein engineering

Genetic engineering techniques (design, cloning, transformation, sequencing);

Development of screening methods

Analysis techniques: spectroscopy, fluorimetry, protein purification,

Scientific report/manuscript writing;

The Laboratory:

PhotoSynLab is part of the microbial biotechnology division, under the faculty of Natural Sciences Faculty of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, a prestigious Scandinavian university situated in Trondheim in the heart of Norway. The group is composed of 14 young researchers led by Adjunct Associate Professor Lale and Associate Professor Hohmann-Marriott and enjoys a multicultural, dynamic and cheerful environment.

The lab has various research activities within the fields of biophysics, nanotechnology, photosynthesis and synthetic biology. We are working with a wide range of microorganisms spanning across the bacterial and eukaryotic domains of life, with a special focus on photosynthetic organisms.

A research in PhotoSynLab can provide a fruitful environment to learn many techniques and discover diverse aspects of molecular biology research. This internship is a perfect launch for a young scientific career and will give you the opportunity to establish useful connections within the field.



Apply by sending your resume and a short email describing your interests in the project to the following email address: