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Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares "Carlos III" (CNIC)

Project: Deciphering the transcriptional signature of precursors of resident memory T cells.

Dr. David Sancho (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares, CNIC, Madrid) is looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated candidates to perform and end of master thesis (TFM) in his Immunobiology group in a cutting edege project that will seek to unveil the transcriptomic signature of resident memory CD8+ T (Trm) cell precursors. The successful candidate will contribute to generation of high-throughput omic data sets of CD8+ T cell lymphocytes following infection with vaccinia virus in WT mice and mice deficient in a dendritic cell subset essential for Trm generation. Our prediction is that the comparison of the single cell RNA Seq signature in T cells primed in WT vs KO mice will allow us to identify the transcriptional signature of this important subset for the first time, which is critical to improve immunotherapy against infections and cancer.

We focus our research in dendritic cells and macrophages, the immune cell types that initiate immunity and inflammation, with a particular interest in the emerging field of immunometabolism. We use a combination of approaches at the cellular, biochemical and in vivo level (animal models of infection and cancer) and we are seeking for a profile with a strong background in bioinformatics to be able to manage data from our ongoing transcriptomic studies (bulk and single cell RNA-Seq), proteomic studies and metabolomics. Detailed information of the group can be found here:

The work will be co-directed by bioinformaticians at CNIC.


  • Strong background in bioinformatics. Candidates must possess a strong background in bioinformatics and/or be performing a master degree in Bioinformatics. Programming skills and knowledge of languages R and Python are essential.
  • An academic record with grade >8.5 is convenient.
  • English level equivalent to FCE, advanced, IELTS>6.5, TOEFL>83
  • Proven experience in foreign research centers will be valued
  • Previous experience in similar projects based on bioinformatics analysis will be valued

Qualified applicants should submit by email a cover letter, CV and English level certificate to David Sancho (, indicating “Bioinformatics TFM” in the email subject.


Some recent references of our work:





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