PhD Fellowship Available - Molecular Mechanics Of The Cardiovascular System - CNIC

Molecular Mechanics Of The Cardiovascular System - National Institute of Cardiovascular Research (CNIC)

PhD Fellowship Available (former FPI program):

We are looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic candidate to join the Molecular Mechanics Of The Cardiovascular System Laboratory, led by Jorge Alegre-Cebollada at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) in Madrid, Spain.

We study the role of protein unfolding and refolding, and their regulation, in the mechanics of cardiac muscle in health and disease, by combining the latest single-molecule manipulation techniques (Atomic Force Microscopy and Magnetic Tweezers), protein biochemistry and animal models. For more information, please visit:

CNIC is the leading cardiovascular research institute in Spain. For more information about CNIC’s predoctoral program, please visit:

We welcome candidates that are interested in a multidisciplinary approach to science independently of their background. Interested candidates should be holding a Master degree by september-december 2018 and can contact us by sending a SINGLE PDF FILE including a motivation letter, a CV and the e-mail addresses of potential references to 

This advertisement does not include a formal job offer. The public call will be published at CNIC´s employement site.
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