1st PhD Research Symposium in Health Sciences and Biomedicine

1st PhD Research Symposium in Health Sciences and Biomedicine poster

Doctoral Programs in Health Sciences and Biomedicine (Medicine and Surgery, Epidemiology and Public Health, Molecular Biosciences, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology and Physiology, Clinical and Health Psychology) with merging common interests in this area will celebrate a one-day Symposium to strengthen their commitment to broaden collaborative strategies in education and research.

The meeting will be a stimulating gathering of advanced graduate students, where those at least in their second academic tutelage, are invited to present a scientific communication including the main hypothesis, objectives and results of their Doctoral Theses. PhD students in their first year are welcome for registration and meeting attendance.

This innovative event will be an optimal forum to showcase their research and foster communication and potential collaborations between PhD students from different laboratories. The Symposium will consist of both moderated poster sessions and oral communication sessions by PhD students, providing ample time for discussion both within and outside the scientific sessions. In addition to the regular presentations, we have scheduled an invited keynote lecture on professional scientific skills and career guidance that will be inspirational for young researchers. The meeting will be held in English.

The Symposium has the major aim of preparing our future PhDs for an excellent performance in critical exposition and data discussion both for their thesis defense and future scientific meetings. We expect original research and lively discussions on a broad range of topics within Health Sciences and Biomedicine between clinical and basic researchers from our faculty, hospitals and associated centers of research.

The Symposium will take place at the Medicine Campus UAM on May 18th, 2018.

  • c/ Arzobispo Morcillo, 4, 28029 Madrid

Free registration on the symposium website.

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