Cancer Biomarkers Research Group

Molecular Oncology
Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz

The Cancer Biomarkers Research Group of the IIS-FJD focuses on basic and translational research, and is led by Dr. Federico Rojo. The group consists of a multidisciplinary team, coordinated by Dr. Juan Madoz, formed by various professional and contract staff including pathologists, molecular biologists, laboratory technicians, and PhD students.

One of the key research areas of the group is breast cancer, specifically the identification and validation of new predictive biomarkers associated with drug response and the search for mechanisms underlying treatment resistance. The aim is to improve the treatment of breast cancer through preclinical research using in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo models, and by studying biomarkers of treatment response and the pharmacodynamics of treatment, particularly in targeted therapies. The group also maintains lines of translational research and collaborations focusing on other tumor types, including melanoma and tumors of the colon, head and neck, and lung.

Currently, the Cancer Biomarkers Research Group is primarily involved in a project to identify new mechanisms of resistance to breast cancer treatment with anti-HER2 therapeutic antibodies. This study is being conducted in collaboration with two other Spanish groups. We have several other ongoing collaborations with other IIS-FJD groups, national and foreign centers (within the framework of European projects), and enterprises, and as part of national initiatives for the study of specific pathologies (GEICAM).

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