Patologia Mamaria

Molecular Oncology
Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISC III)

The laboratory of Mammary Pathology is located in the ISCIII in Majadahonda, a town located 10 km from Madrid.

Student training will take place in the field of animal models for the study of mammary Gland and breast cancer and the development of targeted therapies for this type of cancer. We have generated murine transgenic models to analyze the role that activation of different signaling pathways have on in the appearance and progression of mammary tumors with the aim  of evaluating therapeutic targets for this type of tumor. The student will be trained in the context of a scientific project that will allow him or her to get involved in the research methods and techniques with animal models, as well as in the design of experiments and critical analysis of results, that will be the base for his or her future doctoral training.

Among the methodologies that the trainee will learn are the Molecular Biology techniques: DNA and RNA extraction from tissues for genotyping of transgenic animals and expression analysis of different genes as well as histopathological analysis of tissues that will involve frozen tissue cutting in a cryostat, tissue fixation, embedding and cutting  in microtome.Tissue sample staining, immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry techniques and analysis of the results under the microscope. The histological techniques will be carried out in the Histology Core Unit of ISCIII that directs the tutor of the candidate (Dr. Gallego).

The student will also have the opportunity to participate in our weekly scientific seminars imparted by doctors, members of our institute or invited speakers. The trainee attendance will be reflected in an accrediting document that will detail the title and duration of the seminar and the number of credits acquired by their participation.

The student will be integrated in the research project "Functional analysis of the Hedgehog pathway in the regulation of normal and tumoral mammary gland" led by its tutor, Dr. Gallego, approved by the Ministry of Environment of the Community of Madrid (Proex 389/15).

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